Wednesday, August 3, 2011

LC Character Rotation ~ Preliminary Rough

Alright, a full character turnaround. A logical next step after the head rotation.

 He's a... funny looking character, I must say. He doesn't look like what everybody else is doing. Maybe thats a good thing? Maybe not, one guy thought he was a frog :-(. But there is a reason for this design, I'm trying to stay somewhat faithful to his original 1985 design I did in my young 20s. But I do want to push the appeal of that design. He has come a long way. But he still has a way to go. I feel I have pushed his design as far as I can but he still needs more. I'm going to have to show this around and see if I can get some quality input and really nail his design. Your comments are welcome too.

Davelyman out.

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